Rehearsed reading 2013

This 3,5-minute video documents excerpts from a rehearsed reading of the ‘Manual Oracle’ script, which took place at the Anatomy Theatre & Museum @ King’s in June 2013. Director: Phoebe von Held. Sound: Jamie Hamilton. Animation: Maria Paz-Garcia, Phoebe von Held and Mary Mullen. Assistant director: Camila Ymay Gonzalez. Production intern: Ashlee Renz-Hotz.  Video documentation: Deniz Johns (Camera: Deniz Johns and Amy Dickson). Cast: Candida Benson, Chereen Buckley, Peter Sandys-Clarke, Matthew Sim.


Workshop performance 2011

This video shows parts of a work-in-progress performance of the 2011 script version of ‘The Manual Oracle’. The piece was performed in Sept 2011 at the Anatomy Theatre & Museum, KCL, London, following a 5-day workshop in which we worked with the new script, with performance, visual and sound concepts developed during my Leverhulme Artists Residency. Cast: Candida Benson, Terence Frisch, Peter Sandys-Clarke, Chereen Buckley. Director: Phoebe von Held; Sound: John Wollaston; Animation: Maria Paz-Garcia; Stage-Design: Carmen Mueck. Camera: Maria Paz-Garcia; Video editing: Mary Mullen.