XCastles 2 psychiatristManual Oracle, scene: ‘Castles II’, Chereen Buckley

In September 2011, director Phoebe von Held organized a work-in-progress showing of ‘The Manual Oracle’ script produced during her Leverhulme Artists Residency at the Institute of Psychiatry. The showing took place at the Anatomy Theatre & Museum, KCL, Strand, following a 5-day workshop. The then current script version resulted in a 55-minute performance  in which we also demonstrated some of the visual, directorial and sonic concepts that had been developed for this project.  The performance was received with great enthusiasm and followed by a very vivid discussion including audiences and the production team. Cast: Candida Benson, Terence Frisch, Peter Sandys-Clarke and Chereen Buckley. Director: Phoebe von Held; Sound: John Wollaston; Animation: Maria Paz-Garcia; Stage-Design: Carmen Mueck.

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Audience testimonial:
Interesting, dynamic, thought-provoking, impeccably acted and thoroughly researched… Kafkaesque in paranoia and a play that would surely have pleased Ken Campbell, Brecht and Artaud. It was, in short, far superior to much of the theatre I attend in this wonderful theatre city.

Xcastles1Scene 1: ‘Castles I’, Terence Frisch.

Xborder crossingScene 2: ‘Border-Line’, Peter Sandys-Clarke, Candida Benson, Terence Frisch, Chereen Buckley.

XstrongerScene 3: ‘The Stronger’, Candida Benson and Chereen Buckley.

XcastlesIIpatientScene 4: ‘Castles II’, Terence Frisch.

Xbusiness oracle openingScene 5: ‘Business Oracle’ (now ‘Aside’), Chereen Buckley, Candida Benson, Terence Frisch.

Xbusiness Oracle graphScene 5: ‘Business Oracle’, Peter Sandys-Clarke.

Xbusiness fencingScene 5: ‘Business Oracle’, Candida Benson, Peter Sandys-Clarke.

XfridgetalkScene 6: ‘Fridge-Talk’, Chereen Buckley.

XxrayScene 7: ‘X-Ray Man’, Terence Frisch and Peter Sandys-Clarke.