P1010292Rehearsed Reading: 17 June, 2013, Anatomy Theatre & Museum @ King’s College, Strand, London.

In June 2013, we organized a rehearsed reading of the completed ‘Manual Oracle’ script, which was produced during the final R&D period funded by the Arts Council England and the Maudsley Charity. New scenes and tableaux that were shown included: ‘Floaters’ written by Luke Williams; ‘Coaching T.’: Dialogue by Phoebe von Held and Thatcher speech by Natasha Soobramanien; ‘Fridge-Talk 1′ by Phoebe von Held. The showing also included new animations as sketches for the tableaux-based scenes: ‘Tango I’, ‘Tango II’, and ‘Floaters’ tableau, animated by Phoebe von Held and edited by Mary Mullen. Production credits: Director: Phoebe von Held. Sound design: Jamie Hamilton. Cast: Candida Benson, Chereen Buckley, Peter Sandys-Clarke and Matthew Sim. Further animations: Maria Paz-Garcia. Assistant director: Camila Ymay-Gonzalez; Production intern: Ashlee Renz-Hotz.

Audience testimonial:
The writing was great, by turns sensitive, chilling, witty. The piece gave an insight into a world that I would not normally know about, and made me understand paranoia in a way that only theatre can.










Photographs by Mary Mullen.