A new play on the ambiguities between paranoia, strategic thinking and self-consciousness

>Script reading of ‘The Manual Oracle’ at the Anatomy Theatre & Museum @ King’s, Strand, 17 June 2013. For video documentation click here.

>Manual Oracle creative writing workshop for NHS mental health service users at the Institute of Psychiatry, Nov 2012 and Jan 2013

>Presentation on The Manual Oracle at the London Renaissance Seminar, Birkbeck, October 2012

>The Manual Oracle receives R&D funding from the Arts Council England (September 2012) and from the Maudsley Charity (July 2012)

>Presentation on ‘The Manual Oracle’ at ‘Isolated Acts’, a conference in Cambridge on Psychiatry and Performance, September 2012

>‘Benjamin, Brecht and The Manual Oracle: learning how not to learn’, a talk given during the Messingkauf Seminar at Tel Aviv University, September 2012

>Manual Oracle work-in-progress showing, ATM, September 2011